SRMC has developed and established the national information system for radio management to reinforce the integrated, scientific, automatic and IT-based radio management.

SRMC has connected the computer network systems among all national and local radio management organizations and completed the basic hardware platform including network, host server, storage system. At present, the backup center of national radio management information system has been founded in Zhengzhou, which provides a reliable basic platform for collecting data and their application. SRMC has built fundamental operation databases of spectrum, radio stations, equipment and antenna for the radio management services, developed applications system for spectrum management, radio station management, radio monitoring, equipment testing, OA, email, videoconference, command and dispatch, etc. At the same time, the platform of application security, GIS, management and maintenance architectures of information system, security system have been established to ensure the steady operation of the information system. To standardize the construction, maintenance and management of information system, SRMC has issued several technical standards, criteria and regulations.

Those application systems, standards and criteria have been widely used in nationwide radio management organizations and play a crucial role in the radio management.