SRMC takes charge of the management of radio stations set by Central Authorities, Ministries and their affiliate organizations in Beijing, including technical examination and acceptance check, licenses issue or renewal and annual inspection of radio stations. SRMC has found a long-term mechanism for radio station management by checking and registering radio stations, which laid the foundation for the nationwide database of radio stations.

SRMC takes charge of national standardization and managing the data of radio stations. SRMC takes on the task of gathering and analyzing data of radio stations throughout the country. Meanwhile, SRMC helps to assess data of radio stations in provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) of China. SRMC is in charge of upgrading and transforming the software of radio station management system, and providing technical support for the nationwide radio station management, standardization of radio station databases and development of application systems. Furthermore, SRMC is responsible for issues related to terrestrial services of International Telecommunication Union (ITU). They include submitting the filings of radio stations and frequency assignment data for the stations which need to be recorded into the Master International Frequency Register (MIFR), including those of the ship stations, costal stations and special service stations set by national transportation and fishery sectors, and for HF broadcast frequency tables in special season. SRMC analyses and makes comments on the International Frequency Information Circular (BR IFIC), providing technical support for safeguarding our legal rights in perspective of spectrum resources.

All those efforts provide decision-making and technical supports to scientific and effective spectrum management.