SRMC takes charge of technical support for:

Radio frequency planning, allotment, assignment, and frequency coordination in border areas, as well as international coordination of satellite frequency and orbits;

Technical examination of filings of satellite networks and earth stations;

Analysis and comments on the International Frequency Information Circular (BR IFIC)

EMC testing among radio systems and the usage, maintenance and popularization of radio management software;

Basic and prospective researches on technologies and applications of radio spectrum and satellite orbit resources management, and on the effective use of these resources;

Researches on propagation characteristics of radio waves and EMC analysis techniques, tracking researches of new techniques and application for radio communications and new techniques about spectrum management;

Researches on relevant specifications, standards and programs for radio spectrum and satellite orbit management. EMC analysis software, GIS platform, global satellite database and national station database are taken advantage of in SRMC to analyze the frequency sharing and interferences of different systems, transmission characteristics, signal coverage, etc. Advanced system simulation platform and testing equipment are also used to analyze the results in laboratory and field.

In recent years, SRMC has been focusing on providing technical support for radio spectrum management, and has made great contribution to the development of the 3rd generation mobile communications, high speed railway, Compass satellite system and other projects.