SRMC takes part in international spectrum management to protect national interests and rights.As the leading body for domestic activities of ITU-R SG1, SRMC monitors and studies questions and other issues undergoing in ITU-R SG1. Meanwhile, it submits contributions to ITU and deals with notifications and circular letters from the BR on ITU-R SG1 activities.

SRMC takes an active part in activities and studies of the ITU, the APT and participates in international coordination of space service and terrestrial service. SRMC keeps close business contact with International Standards Organization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission(IEC), which expands China’s global influence in the field of international radio communications and contributes to China’s international radio management.

In 2004, the Beijing Monitoring Station was listed as the international monitoring system (IMS) of ITU and became a training center of ITU in the Asia-Pacific region for radio spectrum management technologies and human resources development with the Shanghai Monitoring Station. Since 2005, three ITU training programs on radio monitoring and spectrum management technologies, were organized, winning approvals from ITU.

Recently, for technical exchanges, SRMC has frequent technical exchanges with countries such as Korea, Russia, and Vietnam, with the establishment of communication channels.