As a key guard in the safe operation of radio services, SRMC utilizes sophisticated technical facilities and technologies to protect the safe operation of important frequencies used by civil aviation, high speed railway and spaceflights and other users.

In addition, SRMC helps to ensure the operation and safety of radio communications during major events of the CPC, government, military and the public. Cases include the Beijing Olympic Games (2008), the celebration of the 60th anniversary of P. R. China (2009), the Shanghai World Expo (2010), the Guangzhou Asian Games (2010), the Shenzhen Universiade (2011) and visits of heads of foreign states.

Meanwhile, SRMC has an emergency treatment mechanism to respond to emergencies threatening political and economic interests, national defense as well as life and property of the people. In the event of emergencies, SRMC will mobilize professional talents and deploy advanced facilities to the spot. It can secure management and control of radio, protect life and property of the people and maintain social stability.