To offer an efficient technical and academic support to radio management, SRMC attaches great importance to researches on technologies and policies. SRMC has undertaken many national researching programs such as programs of the National Natural Science Foundation, the High-Tech R&D program (“863”) and the National Science and Technology Major Projects. It has received the second class of the National Science and Technology Progress Award. SRMC has led or participated in drafting national and industrial standards and other working standards. SRMC supports the activities of the secretariat of the CISPR-H and is one of the first series of Excellent Members of the CCSA. As the leader of domestic study group of the ITU-R SG1, SRMC plays an important role in organizing researches on relevant agenda items, making strategies on WRC issues and fighting for national interests.

To study policies of radio management, SRMC follows the trend of radio management, both home and abroad, and undertakes investigations and researches on fundamental, developing and forward-looking issues for radio management. SRMC also carries out specific studies in many respects such as radio spectrum management mechanism, radio frequency and station management and development strategies of radio management and technology. All those researches help to improve the system of research on radio management policies and the mechanism to share research results, thereby providing policy support to the scientific development of radio management.