SRMC convoked radio safty guarantee work development meeting of the Beijing Winter Olympics Test Events
June 28, 2020

To successfully complete the radio safty guarantee tasks during the Beijing Winter Olympics Test Events, SRMC/SRSMC convoked radio safty guarantee work development meeting on June 28, 2020. The Chief Engineer of SRMC Huang Biao hosted the meeting, the Secretary of the Party Committee and the Deputy Director of SRMC Li Jingchun attended and delivered speeches.
The meeting conveyed the spirit of 24th Olympic Winter Games MIIT Leading Group Plenary Meeting, debriefed all working groups and discussed documents related to radio frequency management plan, deployed and arranged emphasis works in radio safty guarantee tasks.
During the meeting, Li Jingchun fully affirmed the efforts of all groups in earlier stage, and put forward the clear requests for the following works. Firstly, take full account of all kinds of possible scenarios; Secondly, complete the task decomposition and check the implementation strictly; Thirdly, carry out the work as soon as possible and report without delay.
More than 20 relevant responsible comrades from comprehensive group, frequency management group, detection group, monitoring group, logistics support group and media report group involved with the guarantee work attended the meeting.