Important progress was made in national radio management special vehicle pilot work
May 27, 2020

As the important component of radio management technical facility and equipment, radio management special vehicle plays an irreplaceable role in radio monitoring, radio interference invsetigation and radio security guarantee. In recent years, under the organizition of Bureau of Radio Regulation of MIIT, the Shandong Radio Managent Office carried out special vehicle refit and pilot works actively, spared no effort to solve difficulties of special vehicle purchasing, license applying and inspection.
Based on extensive researches and opinions, BRR formulated and introduced industry standard of radio management special vehicle, set up technical expert team of national radio management special vehicle pilot project. Up to the end of 2019, radio management special vehicle pilot project has completed scheduled tasks and achieved goals. Five models of vehicle were  incorporated into the MIIT Moter Vehicle Manufacturing Enterprise and Product Notice (2019 No.26\28\49), with mechanical capacity, electromagnetic compatibility, onboard radio monitoring and testing system all certified by third-party testing.
Next step, MIIT BRR will promote related work experiences and achievements on a national scale, add special vehicle models step by step, improve series of standards, continue to promote the radio management special vehicles related works.