Chinese Delegation Communicated with Other Delegations during the CPM19-2
Source : 中国无线电管理网 February 27, 2019

Since the 2nd Preparatory Meeting for World Radiocommunication Conference 2019 (CPM19-2) was opened in Geneva on February 18, six working groups involved land mobile and fixed service, mobile broadband application, satellite service, science service, maritime/aviation/amateur service and general issues have carried out the work. More than 1400 delegates from telecommunication organizations all over the world and administrations of member countries gathered to discuss 30 more significant issues around satellite and radio spectrum management, to provide best solution for WRC19 upcoming in October.

To expand consensus, narrow differences and enhance understanding, Chinese delegation conducted a lot of coordination and communication during the sidelines of meeting. Under the lead of MIIT Director General Xie Yuansheng, Chinese delegation talked to administration of Russia, Germany, France, Korea and United Aral Emirates separately, and had thorough discussions on 5G MMW frequency allocation, procedure revise of satellite rules, train-ground communication and other new issues of mutual concern. Chinese delegation also met with the Secretary General of ITU Zhao Houlin, and the Director of Radio Communication Bureau Mr. Mario, exchanged views on development trend of radio communication in the world, exploitation and utilization of satellite frequency and orbit resource, as well as the cooperation in radio spectrum management between ITU and China.

With multilayered bilateral exchanges and multilateral communications, Chinese delegation and administration of the state concerned enhanced the understanding each other, established a good relationship in communication, and laid a foundation for WRC19 in the next half year.