SRMC Conducted Electromagnetic Environment Test of New Energy Vehicle
December 7, 2018

To further study the cause of electromagnetic interference suffered by new energy vehicles, and support the development of new energy vehicle industry, SRMC Beijing Monitoring Station and Chengdu Monitoring Station carried out electromagnetic environment test on the section of Yu-Sui highway where the new energy vehicle was out of controlled in Chongqing, on November 27-30. A monitoring vehicle, four technicians, and several sets of monitoring devices were transferred to the test.

According to the location and geography characteristic of the highway section, technicians test and set point repeatedly, then selected two point location to carry out the test successfully. The test group collected a large number of electromagnetic environment dates in potential interference band, confirmed 60 background noise field intensity dates and 20 more frequency points in SW band. Meanwhile, test group also completed the preliminary positioning of main radio emission sources utilized fixed station positioning system.

Through the electromagnetic environment test, the characteristic dates in the area of new energy vehicle out of controlled were collected comprehensively. SRMC will push forward the monitoring date analysis and electromagnetic interference mechanism study of new energy vehicles.